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    ASSET Blue Tooth Tag Products

    We’ve all had that sinking feeling when you realise you've lost your passport, wallet or mobile phone. Our bluetooth loss-prevention products couple with your smartphone and sound an audible alarm when you’re separated from your essential possessions.

    The Key Fob can be branded and is the perfect way to locate those lost keys or phone at home or while out. You can set distance controls to allow the Key tag to send a message/alarm to your phone should you leave a place without them. The signal can be two way so both key tag and phone sends out an audible alarm or just one way only sending the alarm to your phone so that the location of your item is not alerted to strangers.

    The Wallet/Clothes Tag is a one way Alarm system with the alarm being raised on the mobile phone only. If you leave your wallet behind we do not want to attract attention to it.

    The Tag can also sewn in or attached to young childrens clothing on a day out or school trip just incase you become separated, again the alarm only sounds on the phone. You can have four separate tags and alarms per VB application. So you can tag four items/children.

    Both these tags use a Find me Map application on your smartphone to walk you to your lost item.


    The VoyagerBlue family of products is available throughout the promotional merchandising and corporate gifting marketplaces. Our distribution network is carefully managed with a select supply chain and routes to market – if you are interested in supplying our products branded to your clients on a B2B or B2C basis, please contact us to discuss further.

    If you have enquires which are beyond this marketplace such as retail or duty free please call us to discuss your requirements.


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Cards 4U Limited are experts in the field of the programme management on all types of the multi-functional cards especially innovative financial services product.

Cards 4U can provide customers with a variety of services, enabling them to create their own bespoke products tailored to their own brand.

On Cards 4U Prepaid Debit Cards, funds can be placed on the card via internet bank transfer, debit card, credit card or at a retail outlet in the same way as topping up a mobile phone.



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