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    The Shield can be used as a standalone product used for complete branding and message provision. By providing it to your customer as a giveaway based around purchase, as a freebie or retailed, you will have a branded marketing tool that will never be thrown away, always visible/used so brand awareness is huge and is a great talking point in the pub or out with friends, again spreading your company brand and/or message/product launch.

    The Shield comes in credit card size or as a ePassport protector (same size as a Passport Page and simply slides in and protects the Bio metric chip from being read and cloned) and can be branded however you wish and packaged however you wish as a dual/multi pack or as a single Shield offering.

    If you operate a Credit Card/Prepay Card or if you are an application driven organisation such as a loan company, then with every card/loan application, successful or not, the customer can be provided with a standalone, completely branded card, as an additional reward for applying to you and to ensure that they still consider you in the future and promote your brand daily by using the Shield to protect their cards.

    If you operate a Data Access Door entry system that broadcast at the right frequency then every member of your staff or your tenants’ staff can be issued with the Shield which can be made to fit on Lanyards or carried in purses/wallets/pockets.

    Employee Gift/Benefit – to promote your company sense of care towards your staff then current and retired staff/partners could be provided with the Shield as an employee gift/benefit.


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Cards 4U Limited are experts in the field of the programme management on all types of the multi-functional cards especially innovative financial services product.

Cards 4U can provide customers with a variety of services, enabling them to create their own bespoke products tailored to their own brand.

On Cards 4U Prepaid Debit Cards, funds can be placed on the card via internet bank transfer, debit card, credit card or at a retail outlet in the same way as topping up a mobile phone.



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