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    Did you know?

    Skimming is on the rise and can happen to you in shops, pubs, queues, events, restaurants, ATM machines or even just walking past you. As long as the “skimmer” is within 1.5 metres from the card it can read in seconds, the personal data contained within the chip making it easy to then clone your card and/or make online purchases with your money.

    At this very moment it is possible that your personal and business sensitive information has been or will be skimmed, or ePickpocketed, from RFID enabled cards/passports/premises swipe entry cards/Company contactless payment cards and all this is possible with nothing more than a modern smartphone whilst walking past you or standing in a queue!

    The Shield Contactless Card Protector

    In response to these issues, a ground breaking Patented product (Patent No: GB 2453 859 A, with a US Patent granted to start October 2014) has been designed to prevent personal/payment/passport and in some instances swipe entry system data from being electronically skimmed.

    The Shield technology has been patented by Voyager Blue following extensive research and development in conjunction with The University of Bolton and can be incorporated into any plastic card or be used as a separate standalone branded/business card/loyalty member card/passport product. By placing a shield enabled card next to a contactless card in a wallet or purse, the technology blocks the signals NFC devices use to ‘read’ the chip data – providing a shield for personal information.

    Not only does the technology protect contactless cards, but it is also available in an e-passport Shield format to provide protection to biometric passports – this works in a similar way, by simply inserting the Passport Shield into the ePassport. Cards 4u Ltd have been appointed as Sales Licence Holder for the product and are delighted to be able to offer this unique opportunity to establish further your Brand and Customer Loyalty.

    We can build this technology into any card that does not contain chip/magnetic data and/or as a standalone marketing product, therefore making it an essential must carry tool.

    By carrying it at all times your company branded card will be used more often than not if a loyalty/discount card and your brand will be visible daily, promoting customer loyalty and sending the message that you are interested in their wellbeing at all times. The Shield will always be carried by YOUR customers/staff as it is protecting all the cards in their wallets/purses from skimming.

    For further information download our free Shield Card Protector brochure here

    Carrying to protect

    You can use your branded card to protect other payment cards that you may hold, should you choose to do so. In your purse or wallet you must gather your payment cards together in one section directly behind one another. You should then place your VB card shield on top/in front of them to allow it to shield the cards under it from unwanted attempts to read your data or to prevent card clash (accidental payments). If you do not carry it in this manner then we cannot guarantee that YOUR data is safe.


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